The Concept of the Biotic Shield
Proof of Concept


1) When a volunteer missed a shower, the CFU spiked the next day. This is likely due to the migration of the bacteria from the anus toward the area being swabbed. Therefore, shower regularly is important to maintain a germ-free environment.

2) You must follow the user guide and you need to use the Biotic Shield every time you have a bowel movement in order to maintain a germ-free condition.

3) The benefits of the Biotic Shield were only noticeable among volunteers experiencing symptoms. When volunteers continued to use the Biotic Shield, they did not notice any symptoms. However, when an individual stopped using the Biotic Shield, the symptoms usually returned within weeks.

4) A Matter Of An Opinion = The Biotic Shield effectively prevents fecal matter contaminations since women having symptoms got relief using only the Biotic Shield. However, some women who had no symptoms felt there were no real benefits. For this group of women, it is difficult to evaluate the benefits.