How to use the Biotic Shield

For first-time user:

It is recommended that you try putting on the Biotic shield in your own private time about 9 to 10 times in one sitting to get familiarized with the placement of the shield

(Some women found that trying about 22 times is helpful to get into the habit.)

  • Sits on the toilet
  • Removes the protective covering
  • Places the shield with one hand as close as possible to the anus
    (Do not cover the anal opening)
  • Have a bowel movement
  • Wipe front to back to clean.
  • Removes the shield and disposes of it in the toilet
    (Don’t worry, our Biotic shield is 100% environmentally friendly)
  • Wipe front to back one more time to remove any leftover at the junction.
  • Congratulation, your vaginal is 100% feces-free

During Menstruation:

Wipe front to back first. Then apply the shield.

During Pregnancy:

As your tommy is getting bigger, wipe as best as you can. Importantly, after removing the shield, you must wipe front to back to clean the excess fecal matter.